Darwin vs Raffle Round 6: The Activities

It’s been three weeks since the last round of Darwin vs Raffle, but now that the festive season is well and truly over it’s time to commence battle once more! The score is currently 4-1 to the raffle, highlighting just how incredible this offer is! With exactly one month remaining until the raffle draw, there’s no time like to present to buy your tickets and be in with a chance of winning this great trip. Now let’s take a look at the activities on each of the voyages…

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Darwin: When Darwin made landfall in Galapagos he undertook a number of research and investigatory activities. One of his favourite was collecting biological specimens to send back to England for further analysis. In a letter that Darwin sent to his friend and mentor Professor John Stevens Henslow, he wrote that “amongst other things, I collected every plant which I could see in flower”. He also collected specimens of as many of the bird and reptile species that he saw. In his book, The Voyage of the ‘Beagle’, he noted how tame the birds were, adding that “a gun is here superfluous; for with the muzzle I pushed a hawk off the branch of a tree”. He also took a shining to tortoise-back riding, writing that he “frequently got on their backs, and then giving a few raps on the hinder parts of their shells, they would rise up and walk away; – but I found it very difficult to keep my balance”.

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Raffle: Thankfully people can no longer push birds off branches or ride giant tortoises, but what the Beluga‘s crew have in store is even more memorable. Hiking up volcanoes will provide spectacular scenery, a respite from life on the waves and some fantastic close encounters with wildlife. The snorkelling and swimming is second to none; penguins, sea lions and marine iguanas will join you for a dip and turtles are very regularly seen at snorkelling sites. The only shooting of animals will be through a camera lens – and make sure to bring lots of camera memory as you will end up taking far more pictures than you ever have before. Everywhere you look is a memory waiting to be captured!

Verdict: Granted, Darwin must have had a very exciting time exploring the islands and discovering species new to science. However, in this conservation-minded day and age, we think shooting through a camera and collecting memories is far better than taking home dead animals! For this reason, it’s another win for the Raffle. 5-1