Darwin vs Raffle Round 5: The Ship Mates

With the raffle claiming an easy victory last week when comparing the accommodation on board the Beagle and the Beluga, the pressure is on for Darwin as the current standings are 3-1. This week we compare Darwin’s ship mates with those of the prospective raffle winner…

Darwin: In total, 65 crew plus 9 supernumeraries were on board the Beagle for its second voyage, a reduction from the 120 that the ship was originally designed to carry. Some of the more interesting members of crew included a carpenter, a rope maker, a sail maker, a surgeon and three hostages taken from Tierra del Fuego during the first voyage, who would be returned to their homeland having been “civilized” in England. This homecoming did not go quite as planned, as the three Fuegians returned to their more naturalistic lifestyle upon arriving home, foregoing their clothes, houses and missionary teachings!

Supporter Cruise (c) Just Jansz

Raffle: The raffle winner and a cabin mate of their choosing will be sharing the boat with no more than 14 other guests. In addition to guests there will be a crew consisting of the captain, a multilingual naturalist guide, a cook, two engineers, a barman and four sailors. The naturalist guide will be certified by the Galapagos National Park and will accompany the winner and the other guests on daily excursions to the Islands.

Verdict: Whilst some may find the hustle and bustle of a busy boat appealing, the intimacy of a small boat is probably what most people would choose. After a day or two, everybody will know each others names, the naturalist guide will be on hand to answer questions, and they’ll never be much of a queue for the bar! Another win for the raffle! 4-1

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