Darwin vs Raffle Round 4: The Accommodation

We saw the first win for Darwin last week after comparing his Galapagos itinerary with that of the prospective raffle winner’s, bring the score to 2-1. In this week’s round, we compare the on board accommodation of the two journeys… 

Darwins Cabin Replica, Down House

The replica of Darwin’s cabin at Down House, English Natural Heritage.

Darwin: Darwin’s quarters where at the stern of the Beagle in the chart room. The room measured approximately 9 x 11 feet and was dominated by a large chart table in the centre. The mizzenmast came down from the deck above and the walls were lined with the ship’s books. At night, Darwin would sleep in a hammock suspended above the chart table. He lived in this room for the full five year voyage. In her 1887 book, The life and letters of Charles Darwin, Darwin’s daughter Francis wrote:

My father used to say that it was the absolute necessity of tidiness in the cramped space on the Beagle that helped ‘to give him his methodical habits of working.’ On the Beagle, too, he would say, that he learned what he considered the golden rule for saving time; i.e., taking care of the minutes.

Blog, Cabin on Beluga

A double cabin on board the Beluga.

Raffle: The Beluga has eight double cabins, all with private en suite bathrooms, hot and cold showers, a security safe and an ocean view. A sun deck on the upper deck of the boat is also kitted out with cushioned seats, sun loungers and day beds for those afternoon siestas. The saloon is equipped with a flat screen TV and DVD player, is air conditioned and has panoramic windows to take in the views, plus of course a bar for those essential sundowners!

Verdict: There really is no contest! Unless you like cramped conditions and sleeping in a swinging hammock, the comfort and space on board the Beluga is far superior! Another victory for the Raffle. 3-1