Darwin vs Raffle Round 1: The Vessel

The lucky winners of the 2015 raffle will win a trip around the Galapagos Islands hosted by our friends at Enchanted Expeditions. Thankfully, modern day cruise ships have changed a huge deal since the days of Charles Darwin in 1835, but let’s see who had the better vessel?

Blog, Beagle

Darwin: The HMS Beagle was a Cherokee-class 10-gun brig-sloop belonging to the Royal Navy. It measured 27.5 m long and 7.5m wide. The artillery was reduced to only six guns for the Beagle‘s second journey on which Darwin voyaged. It was named after the dog breed and although originally commissioned for the Navy it never actually saw active service before being refitted for a survey vessel. Due to its reputation for sinking, this type of ship had the nickname “coffin brig”. 

Blog, Beluga

Raffle: The winner of our annual raffle will enjoy a cabin for two on board the MY Beluga. It is a superior first class cruising yacht 33.5 m long by 7 m wide. Slightly longer the Beagle, a little bit narrower but a great deal more hi-tech. The twin 450HP diesel engines will make the inter island trips much faster and smoother. There are also two reverse osmosis water-makers and a sewage treatment plant to reduce its environmental footprint. 

Verdict: Whilst the Beagle‘s environmental footprint would be lower on account that it was sail-powered, the maneuverability, stability and speed of the Beluga are superior. Add into the equation the likelihood of the vessel sinking and there is one clear winner…the Beluga!

For your chance to win this incredible trip of a lifetime, simply enter our raffle today!