Randal Keynes

Randal Keynes is Charles Darwin’s great great grandson and a member of the Charles Darwin Foundation for the Galapagos. He is the author of the much praised Darwin, His Daughter and Human Evolution, an exploration of family life in the Darwin household, the effect on Darwin of the death of his ten-year-old daughter Annie, and his thinking about the origins of human nature. Randal found Annie’s writing case when he was sorting through family documents. In it were Darwin’s daily notes on her illness which show in haunting detail how he cared for her in the months before she died. Randal is also a great nephew of the economist John Maynard Keynes.

Julian Fitter

Julian Fitter lived in Galapagos from 1964 to 1979. A committed conservationist, he was one of the founders and first Chairman of GCT in 1995. He is also a founder Trustee of Falklands Conservation and has recently established Friends of Galapagos New Zealand. He is the author of the Collins Traveller Guide to the ‘Wildlife of Galapagos’. His son Daniel is a photographer and lives in Galapagos where he leads tours around the Islands as well as in mainland Ecuador.

Angela Darwin

Angela Darwin is a great granddaughter of Charles Darwin’s friend and supporter, Thomas Henry Huxley, while her late husband George was a great grandson of Charles Darwin. After 23 years she retired after having been a Magistrate in London sitting in both the Adult and Family Courts. She is currently working on the correspondence between T. H. Huxley and his wife, which is to be published by the University of Chicago Press.

Jennifer Stone

Jennifer Stone has a background in journalism, public relations, and environmental work. She has lived in France since 1973. She was a founder trustee of the Galapagos Conservation Trust, is a board member of the Swiss Friends of Galapagos, the Friends of the International School of Geneva and of the St Catherine’s Foundation, and is a member of the General Assembly of the Charles Darwin Foundation.

Antje Steinfurth

Antje Steinfurth is a marine zoologist who first visited the islands in 2003 for her PhD project on the marine ecology and conservation of the Endangered Galapagos Penguin. Following in the penguin’s footsteps, she has been travelling from the equator to the pole, to some of the remotest places on earth. Her latest project brought her to Tristan da Cunha studying the Endangered Northern Rockhopper Penguin. Antje is based in Cambridge working as a Conservation Scientist for the RSPB. She recently became a member of the Species Survival Commission of the IUCN in her role as member of the Penguin Specialist Group.

Dorothy Latsis

Dorothy Latsis has lived in Geneva since 1979. She is President of the Fondation Philanthropique Orthodoxe and has established charities to support conservation of the library of St Catherine’s Monastery, Sinai. She is a board member of the International School of Geneva.