Vision, Mission and Strategy

Who we are

Galapagos Conservation Trust (GCT) was founded in 1995, and is the only UK charity working solely for the conservation of the Galapagos Islands. The incredible diversity of wildlife found in Galapagos is what makes this volcanic Archipelago so very special, and our work aims to promote the conservation of endangered species found on Darwin’s Enchanted Isles.

Galapagos Conservation Trust is a UK registered charity (No.1043470) and a company limited by guarantee (No. 3004112).

temp_eye_iconOur Vision

Our Vision is of the unique nature and beauty of the Galapagos Archipelago conserved, sustained and protected in perpetuity.

green_icon_flagOur Mission

The Trust supports, develops and promotes projects that achieve measurable conservation, sustainable living, and protection of the environment of Galapagos.

green_icon_detectiveOur Strategy 2020-2022

Our four Strategic Objectives focus on:

  • Increasing our impact through three programme themes: Restoring Habitats, Protecting Species and Driving Sustainable Solutions
  • Driving income growth through major gift strategy;
  • Investing in our organisation by growing our staff team;
  • Developing our communications strategy.

By focusing on three core pillars of activity, we will work to protect the unique species of the Archipelago such as the giant tortoise; restore the Islands’ natural habitat, with a key focus on Floreana; and provide sustainable solutions by ridding the Islands of plastic pollution. Spanning all three pillars is our commitment to eradicating invasive species, tackling climate change impacts and engaging people & communities through our education and outreach work.

green_icon_peopleOur values

  • Professional – We always retain integrity, honesty and respect for each other and those we encounter. 
  • Creative – We have a mix of individuals with different skills and are open to new ideas. We find new and innovative ways to talk about our projects and fundraise for them. 
  • Performance-driven – We strive to meet our mission. We ensure our programmes are impactful through clear planning with measurable results. 
  • Celebratory – We take pride in what we deliver, and our supporters should too. No matter if they are big or small, we celebrate our learnings and successes. We make sure to communicate our successes to our supporters. 
  • Open & Inclusive – We are one team and value all our supporters, partners, staff and volunteers. We are respectful and transparent in the way we act and operate. 
  • Flexible –We are open to new and exciting opportunities and new ways of doing things. We understand that not every problem can be solved the same way and so are adaptable and agile with our solutions. 

green_icon_hailer.Our Promise

We never underestimate how important our supporters are, without them we simply would not be able to help protect Galapagos. As such we promise to ensure a relationship with our donors that is legal, open, honest and respectful.

  • We are committed to the standards set out in the Fundraising Codes of Practice which are designed to protect your interests as a donor.

  • We conduct our fundraising with transparency, we never blur the truth, and we spend the money we raise through fundraising on the projects we set out to.

  • We respect your rights and privacy in accordance with Data Protection Laws including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016/679; the UK Data Protection Act 2018 and all relevant EU and UK data protection legislation. Where the law requires us to we will seek your permission to fundraise and we never sell your data to a third party.

  • We have a complaints procedure, we will listen and respond to any feedback respectfully and if required put you in touch with the Fundraising Regulator.

If you would like to find out more about our commitments you can visit the Fundraising Promise as set out by the Fundraising Regulator. You can also get in touch with someone from our Supporter Care team on 0207 399 7440 or by emailing