Three-Year Strategy: 2017-2020

Our vision

We aim to see the unique nature of the Galapagos Archipelago conserved, sustained and protected in perpetuity.

Our mission

We aim to support, develop and promote projects that achieve measurable conservation, sustainable living, and protection of the environment of Galapagos.

To fulfil these targets, we have outlined five strategic objectives:

  • Impact – we will focus on supporting programmes and projects with measurable impact.

In 2017 we launched our two new multi-year programmes, Restoring Floreana and Plastic-free Galapagos, designed to make a significant and ongoing impact. Working alongside a range of partners, they demonstrate an exciting new approach to our fundraising and communications, which will be applied to all of our projects.

  • Income – we will raise income through an expanded range of funders.

  • Partnerships – we will develop a network of key strategic partnerships. 

  • Organisation – we will improve the structure and skills of the organisation.

  • Communication – we will ensure effective communication with our members, supporters and audiences.

We are confident that our ambitious, far-reaching and innovative three-year plan will help us make a long-term difference in Galapagos and we hope you’ll feel inspired to help us.

Our full three-year strategic plan is available to download in PDF here. (9.22MB)