Plastic pollution is one of the most pressing issues facing marine wildlife around the world. To raise awareness of this issue, GCT has developed a free six-part activity session for teachers, parents and carers to do with their children and students. The downloadable pack will take you on a journey through our oceans and teach you how to make them a safer, happier place for marine life. You will explore the life of plastics – how they are a part of our lives and how making a few changes will enable you and your family to live a more sustainable and environmentally friendly life. You don’t need any previous knowledge to help your child as you will be able to learn along with them through these fun and engaging sessions. Here are a few tips on what the sessions are and who these resources are aimed at:

  • The sessions are aimed at parents, carers and teachers. The activities are aimed at students between 7-11 years with some guidance where necessary.
  • There are six sessions with the resource materials provided. You could do one session a day, one session a week or at any pace that suits you and your child.
  • The sessions follow a logical pattern, but you don’t have to follow them in order, can skip a week or just do as many or as few as you like.
  • Each session has a detailed plan to guide you step by step through the activity with links to videos and pictures as you go so you may find it useful to have a PC, tablet or phone handy. At the end of each activity, there are suggestions for further exploration if you want to keep going.
  • You will not need anything fancy to complete the activities, just everyday objects around the house/ school and access to plastic waste. You may wish to print out or make a copy of some of the activity sheets in advance of the activities.
  • There is no time limit on completing the sessions. We would recommend you give yourself 15 minutes to prepare beforehand by reading the notes provided and then 45 minutes to an hour to complete the activities with your student/child.
  • A glossary is provided at the end to help with some of those tricky words.
  • We also have a pack in Spanish for use in Galapagos, Ecuador and South America. Or you can use this as a fun way to practice Spanish! 
  • If you liked this set, visit our Marti Guided Reading Sessions for Teachers, Parents and Carers here to learn more about our oceans and the threats facing them.

We hope you enjoy this resource. If you have any responses, ideas, or questions, please do email us at

Background information

A guide to Exploring Ocean Plastics (661 KB)


Exploring Ocean Plastics (8.5 MB)