Challenge events and fundraising challenges

Challenge Events for Charity

Written by GCT’s trusts and foundations fundraising officer, Jade Holloway

Nothing beats the thrill of completing a challenge you previously thought impossible. The buzz of adrenaline when you bungee jump or that sigh of relief when you reach the peak of a mountain. Not only do you push yourself out of your comfort zone but you also help contribute to a good cause. Over the years, I have raised money for several causes. Some have been successful, and others not so much, but I always enjoy the challenge of raising money for a charity and simultaneously clambering up over boulders. Fundraising is about spreading the message of the charity and raising awareness of the cause, as well as money. If you are considering completing a challenge event to raise money for GCT, here are some tips:

  1. Select a challenge that you plan on actually achieving!

When deciding upon a challenge, be aware of both your mental and physical capabilities. If you have a fear of heights, abseiling down a building would be a great challenge, but if you have an anxiety attack you won’t be able to complete your challenge. The same goes for your physical capabilities. It might attract more donations if you say you’re planning to climb Mt. Everest but if you don’t make it to the peak, you may lose those donations, so set your targets high but be sure to be realistic.

© Jade Holloway

  1. Set an achievable fundraising goal

Make sure that you set a fundraising or sponsorship target that is achievable. It may seem like a good idea to set your targets high but let’s face it, it looks better if you surpass your target instead of failing to meet it. Do not overestimate people’s generosity, but in the current financial times some people may not be able to donate as much as they would like.

  1. Get stuck in!

Once you have decided upon your challenge it is now time for to get stuck in. Set a financial target and share your post on every social media outlet available. If you’re completing a physical challenge such as a race or walk, you may need to start training for your challenge. You could write a blog or keep a video diary to update your sponsors on your progress. It is also important to get active with your fundraising; host a pub quiz or a cake stall. The key to success is working for it!

  1. Share, share, share

Every fundraising event organised, every Just Giving page created, every person who reads about it in the local paper and every social media post shared is one step closer to raising money for your chosen charity. Talk to anyone that will listen and promote right up until the day of your challenge. Spread awareness!

© Jade Holloway

  1. Don’t feel disheartened

Asking people to part with their hard-earned cash can be difficult. Many people feel their donation will not make a difference. Grand gestures and large donations may be all we see in the news, but any amount really does make a difference.

  1. Follow in our footsteps…

On Sunday 28 May, myself and two GCT colleagues are undertaking our own challenge event for the Galapagos Conservation Trust. As members of staff we felt we should get outside and raise some money for the threatened species of the Archipelago. The day will start at 5am in Wales with the ascent of Mt. Snowdon, followed by Cadair Idris and finally Pen y Fan. An action-packed day of trekking across the wild west of Britain in under 24 hours!

We are aiming to raise £1500 for our Floreana Appeal with the vision to return locally extinct species such as the Floreana mockingbird back to their true home on Floreana island.

If you would like to read more about our event or make a donation, please visit our Just Giving page at

Find out more about supporting GCT through challenge events here, and if you would like to join our event or participate in a charity event please email or call 020 7399 7440.