Vision and Mission

Who we are

Galapagos Conservation Trust (GCT) was founded in 1995, and is the only UK charity working solely for the conservation of the Galapagos Islands. The incredible diversity of wildlife found in Galapagos is what makes this volcanic Archipelago so very special, and our work aims to promote the conservation of endangered species found on Darwin’s Enchanted Isles.

Galapagos Conservation Trust is a UK registered charity (No.1043470) and a company limited by guarantee (No. 3004112).

temp_eye_iconOur Vision

Our Vision is of the unique nature and beauty of the Galapagos Archipelago conserved, sustained and protected in perpetuity.

green_icon_flagOur Mission

The Trust supports, develops and promotes projects that achieve measurable conservation, sustainable living, and protection of the environment of Galapagos.

green_icon_detectiveScience and Conservation

To support scientific research and the compilation and interpretation of scientific evidence to drive conservation and support evidenced based conservation for the future protection and preservation of Galapagos ecosystems and their unique biodiversity.

green_icon_hailer.How We Do It

GCT fundraises to support pioneering conservation projects in the Islands, and raise awareness of Galapagos conservation both in the UK and in Ecuador to ensure the unique flora and fauna on the Islands are preserved for future generations to enjoy.

The majority of GCT projects focus on science-based expeditions, as well as tracking and monitoring flora and fauna across the archipelago. Scientific data can be used to inform important legislation, proving the importance of consistent, high-quality research.

Projects focussing on the conservation and the preservation of Galapagos ecosystems are paramount to GCT. The outcomes of the projects are essential in the progress of population numbers of endemic species as well as biodiversity levels in both land and marine areas across the Archipelago. The key areas we focus on are;

Conserving endemic species

Controlling invasive species

Restoring ecosystems

Monitoring human impact with indicator species

Strengthening marine protected areas

green_icon_conservationEducation and Sustainability

To help deliver education, training and awareness to inspire conservation values and sustainable living (both behaviour and resource use) in local and visiting Galapagos communities.

green_icon_peopleHow We Will Do It

GCT strives to encourage the development of the local economy and community through education. We run an interactive, bilingual, educational website which is a state-of-the-art online learning hub, with lesson plans for KS2 and KS3 schools in the UK and Ecuador which encourage interactive learning. is a tool to inspire the next generation of conservationists in the Islands.

Sustainability is a key element to GCT as the projects we undertake are designed to have long-lasting positive impacts on both the wildlife, plant life and the local population. As an international charity, sustainability is also a key factor in our long-term goals; the more sustainable our projects, the more we can maximise our positive accomplishments. The main points focus areas are;

Wildlife tourism is a booming industry with huge potential for development and investment. GCT have created meaningful partnerships with both Ecuadorian and English Galapagos cruise and tour providers in order to promote sustainable eco-tourism within the Islands.

Educating people on conservation and sustainability

Promoting ecotourism and other sustainable sources of income

Promoting responsible tourism and a rich visitor experience

Promoting sustainable living in Galapagos

Celebrating cultural, scientific and historical ties between the people of Galapagos and the UK